Canadian Importers, 
Brewers & Merchants 
Of Craft Beers.

What started as a craft beer import agency in 2013 has become a multi-faceted, full service brewing and brand building company; working with some of the top brewers in the world.

We travel the globe in pursuit of the most engaging and most innovative breweries we can find and build relationships for the Canadian market.

Our Partners

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Cold Tea.  A Private Beer Club.

Welcome to Cold Tea; modeled on the principle that good things can be hard to find.


In the late 90’s, we would wrap up working a beer festival and would head to Toronto’s
legendary Chinatown for a late night feast. It would often be accompanied by a pot of Cold Tea.
The house brew served in a tea pot.


Here, you will find out about new releases before anyone else.
You will be given access to members only product releases, exclusive
Cold Tea events and beer tasting events with founders & brewers.


Complete your sign up by clicking here to join us on this adventure. You will be
prompted to create an account so that you’re set up and ready for the
next product drop.

Our private members club is free to join.